The Haunted Mansion movie would have been a great explanation for why the Hatbox Ghost disappeared originally. Bringing him back to Disneyland and now adding it him Magic Kingdom makes no sense. In this thread… (1/999)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Been planning a home network upgrade for a while. Did the physical install last weekend and was going to use my day off tomorrow to switch over. I figured I’d get a head start tonight and just fix any issues tomorrow. But everything is seemingly…just working 🎉

Starbucks had these baked apple croissants that were amazing but they disappeared from the menu after like a week and a half. Hope they bring them back.

Happy “how do I set the clock on the microwave again?” day to all who celebrate.

Love the new Snoopy watchface - so fun

I do love flat screen TVs but why can’t we have cool product names like OBSERVASCOPE anymore?

Don’t think I’ve ever taken a FaceTime call while shaving.

(from Dave Bossert’s excellent new book, “The House of the Future”)

Best wishes to Charlie Manuel for a full and speedy recovery.

tl;dr no official epcot box set yet.…

I also have not made a decision about selling ABC.

I thought Florida had “moved on” from this? 🙄…

Good mail day

Fun time at Retrocon Philadelphia today!

An AI generated *snarky* summary of this morning's #DestinationD23 parks panel

Wow, Disney dusted off the old hype machine to tease a bunch of “new” things coming to their parks that aren’t really that new or exciting.

A Hatbox Ghost at the Haunted Mansion? Revolutionary! That old attraction definitely needed a random new animatronic character to keep it fresh.

The Country Bears getting new songs? How groundbreaking. I’m sure glad they’re shaking up that timeless, beloved classic. Eyes rolling!

Big changes coming to Magic Kingdom on the scale of Pandora or Galaxy’s Edge? Wake me up when there’s an actual announcement, not just more cryptic teasing.

Re-theming Dinoland? Snore. That land has been lame for ages. I’ll believe the hype when there’s a concrete plan.

The new Epcot nighttime show is called Luminous? Oh, dare to dream! Never heard a generic name like that for a Disney show before!

Updating Test Track and bringing back Figment? Disney is really digging deep into their bag of nostalgia to drum up excitement.

New cruise ships with zero details revealed? Sounds more like a pitch for Disney Cruise stock. And new Fantasy Springs lands we’ve known about for eons? Show me something truly new, Disney!

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of Disney’s overblown hype for vague plans and underwhelming updates to stale rides and shows. Call me when there’s a real new Fantasyland or Tomorrowland-scale addition in a Disney park. Until then, wake me from this hype machine-induced nap!

AI generated summary of transcript of this morning's #DestinationD23 parks panel

Here is a summary of the key points from the Destination D23 Parks Panel transcript:

  • The event kicked off with musical performances celebrating Disney stories and characters. Disney executives and imagineers then gave updates and sneak peeks of upcoming projects across Disney parks and destinations worldwide.

  • Highlights for Walt Disney World included:

    • The Hatbox Ghost will appear at the Haunted Mansion in late November.
    • Country Bear Jamboree will get a new show next year with the bears singing Disney songs in different country music styles.
    • Disney is planning major new additions to Magic Kingdom on the scale of Pandora or Galaxy’s Edge.
    • Animal Kingdom’s Dinoland will be re-themed to a new land based on Central/South America.
    • Epcot updates:
    • New nighttime show “Luminous” debuts in December
    • Test Track is being reimagined with Chevrolet
    • Figment meet and greets start tomorrow in the Imagination pavilion
  • Other Disney park updates:

    • Preview of Frozen-themed land at Hong Kong Disneyland
    • Progress on Zootopia land at Shanghai Disneyland
    • Fantasy Springs expansion at Tokyo DisneySea
    • New cruise ships Disney Treasure and Disney Adventure announced
    • Sneak peeks of Disneyland Paris hotel renovations
  • The event emphasized Disney’s commitment to keep innovating and investing in new parks experiences worldwide for decades to come. Disney plans to deliver more attractions, lands, characters, shows, ships and more in the future.

Please just say you are doing something new and stop with this Walt and Marty and John hand waving about Epcot. It’s fine to make something new, stop pretending it’s not. #DestinationD23

Not one “activation” mentioned. #DestinationD23

Can’t wait for the announcement about adding air conditioning and a second power outlet at Sequoia Lodge #DestinationD23

Our 4 year landscaping project will take just 3 more months! #DestinationD23