Walt Disney World


2023-01-07: The AirPods Pro 2 noise canceling is amazing. Not amazing just for earbuds, amazing even against …

2023-01-06: So this is pretty neato. One of my partners at work also has Disney as a client, and has worked with …

2023-01-01: Looks like Capital One has brought back a Freebird style service if you book through their online …

2022-12-31: I’m being told that due to a problem at Southwest Airlines, 2023 will be delayed to no sooner than …

2022-12-29: Here is a picture of Kermit sitting in my IKEA chair. Have a nice evening.

2022-12-29: My travel gear problem is bad enough that it knows about my tech problem 😂

2022-12-29: I’ve seen this feature work exactly once, and oddly enough, it doesn’t even seem to work with orders …

2022-12-28: Remember when Hershey opened a carousel themed food & drink establishment a couple of years ago?

2022-12-27: 1) The new Disney 100 intro is really cool 2) Strange World is also really good

2022-12-27: Among the Information’s 2023 predictions…Kevin Mayer will return to Disney. (warning, …

2022-12-25: 🐻 🎄


2022-12-23: Looks like Castaway or Aulani are our best bets.

2022-12-22: If you use LastPass, unfortunately this is almost as bad as it can get. You should change your …

2022-12-22: Well, guess I can cross doing that upgrade off my winter break to-do list …

2022-12-16: Some thoughts on new social media platforms It wasn’t all that long ago that you could only send and receive text messages from people on …

2022-12-16: Thinking about building one of these this weekend for no particular reason ✈️ …

2022-12-13: Tried the new Apple Music Sing karaoke feature and midway through “Scenes from an Italian …

2022-12-05: This model of the Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland is amazing…

2022-12-05: “How did he do such fantastic stunts with such little feet?”

2022-12-02: Inbox 0️⃣ Out of office 🔛 Vacation 🔜

2022-12-01: Welcome back, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit…

2022-11-29: Really excited for this…

2022-11-29: Apple Music Replay needs a way to exclude tracks you play at night to help you sleep 🤦🏻‍♂️

2022-11-28: Wow, I didn’t think Apple was gonna open a store in American Dream …

2022-11-27: Spent this rainy Sunday afternoon moving The Archives™️ out of Evernote and into DEVONthink. So far, …

2022-11-27: Probably not news, but just learned that Shinseido in Ikspiari at TDR has closed. Really bummed; it …

2022-11-26: Check out Studio Neat for #SmallBusinessSaturday. They make some cool pens and tech accessories. $10 …

2022-11-24: Really enjoyed Mickey: The Story of a Mouse. Lot of good interviews and covers the good, the bad, …

2022-11-24: Distinctly patriotic 🇺🇸

2022-11-24: This kinda stuff is cool 🔊

2022-11-24: Celebrity sports center! 🎳

2022-11-24: Reading material

2022-11-24: This explains a lot about our government.

2022-11-24: Cool Southern airlines poster

2022-11-24: Jim Henderson’s origin story What’s the name on that slip? - What’s your name? …

2022-11-23: PSA: Hulu is running their annual deal to pay $1.99/month for a year. Change email address and use a …

2022-11-23: Q: Why does Snow White use an Android phone? A: Because she is afraid of apples This joke alone is …

2022-11-21: Good mail day

2022-11-17: Mastodon, but for selling concert tickets.

2022-11-15: This episode of Dark Side of the 90s focused on “Internet 1.0” is a walk down memory …

2022-11-15: It kinda feels like the company spends more effort working on new pricing and revenue management …

2022-11-11: Dick Nunis for AT&T

2022-11-11: I got a survey regarding my Walt Disney World annual pass. This felt like giving someone their last …

2022-11-09: I really don’t like the idea of Apple buying Disney, except for the fact that the park apps …

2022-11-07: It is needlessly complicated in some places, but please remember to vote anyway tomorrow. Thanks.

2022-11-06: PSA: It’s Jersey week. Plan accordingly, Floridians. 😂

2022-11-06: I’m not saying it will happen, but it also would not surprise me if we see some downtime and …

2022-11-05: UPDATE: I also didn’t win the powerball. Lousy night around here.

2022-11-05: 1) The iPhone 14 Pro managed to get somewhat of a decent pic of the 1st scene in Spaceship Earth 2) …


2022-11-04: Very saddened to hear of Alice Davis’ passing. What a tremendous life. May her memory be a …

2022-11-04: UPDATE: Mountains aren’t just funny, they’re hill areas.

2022-11-02: Got my preview tickets! Really can’t wait for this.

2022-10-30: Tonight’s feature presentation

2022-10-29: Finished putting up my decorations 🎃

2022-10-28: ✅ Phillies play in the World Series tonight ✅ New Beatles album out today ✅ I have donuts

2022-10-27: Really cool. They need to add “you’re riding on sunshine” to the automated announcements 😂 …

2022-10-24: 📰 ⚾️

2022-10-23: In beautiful spacial audio ⚾️

2022-10-23: There has been an incident

2022-10-23: 🎶 I keep dancing on my own 🎶 ⚾️

2022-10-21: I don’t want to alarm anyone, but here is what night mode on the iPhone Pro 14 picks up during the …

2022-10-21: Always stop to say thanks to Roy and Minnie

2022-10-21: The metaverse

2022-10-21: Has the PeopleMover cone been put out of work?

2022-10-20: I know I’m not exactly breaking any news here, but it is impossible to overstate how much Genie+ and …

2022-10-20: All we are saying Is give peace a chance

2022-10-19: Happy to see that the Swan & Dolphin model still exists and is on display again (although a bit …

2022-10-16: This is great

2022-10-16: Happy #Epcot40and16days

2022-10-11: I’ve been looking forward to reading these!

2022-10-10: maniacal laugh

2022-10-10: It would be nice if this feature would come out say, tomorrow, and work with the MLB app. …

2022-10-08: This is so absurd it’s actually remarkable. The genius required to spin such a twisted web of how to …

2022-10-08: We saw a cool vendor at a fall festival today that makes stuff from park maps!


2022-09-23: One of the best new hidden features in iOS16 will start to eliminate CAPTCHAs. Unless you like …

2022-09-21: I found a site that summarizes long videos for you using AI. I gave it a link to a video of Kitchen …

2022-09-13: One of my favorite new iOS features: Settings ➡️ Sounds & Haptics ➡️ Keyboard Feedback ➡️ Haptic



2022-09-10: They finally added parks stuff to the Disney Topps app thingy!

2022-09-04: Happy anniversary, Tokyo DisneySea!

2022-09-03: You can never have too many dioramas.

2022-08-30: So saddened to hear of Ron Logan’s passing. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to …

2022-08-21: Cool antique store find: Bell System building at 1939 New York World’s Fair postcard

2022-08-19: Really like the new Chocolatetown area and how they’ve leaned into Hersheypark history!

2022-08-19: Like a grand and miraculous chocolate factory.

2022-08-10: 🎶Feel the cashflow Here we go Through the Universe of Synergy Feel it grow Call D’Amaro …

2022-08-01: Really enjoyed this documentary about Horn & Hardart. Lot of great interviews about the Automat. …

2022-08-01: August

2022-07-31: Surely you aren’t implying that I should throw away this cable that connects an iPod that isn’t made …

2022-07-18: I have an Apple calendar in my office and Friday’s entry gave me a chuckle. File under “things that …

2022-07-17: This is what Siri picked at random from the Disneyland playlist for its 67th anniversary 🤷‍♂️ …

2022-07-17: Happy anniversary, Disneyland! Hope to see you again soon.

2022-07-15: I had planned out this trip for fun a while back and came to a similar cost as this blog post did …

2022-07-12: Knock it off

2022-07-07: Unique (I believe) to this Legoland is the Lego Factory Adventure Ride. It’s a trackless dark ride …


2022-07-07: 1964 New York World’s Fair tribute in miniland

2022-07-07: Hello from the latest Legoland!

2022-07-06: Disney Activation Adventure Park

2022-07-05: I wonder if the Scientific Doohicky Company has a tour 🤔

2022-07-02: Good mail day

2022-07-01: JULY

2022-06-25: What would you like to listen to?

2022-06-18: Just learned about this extension for iOS that automatically takes care of those annoying consent …

2022-06-17: This week’s Strange New Worlds was fun but very predictable…until that very last shot 🤯

2022-06-15: To properly experience Harmonious Live+! at home, you should place 2 camera tripods, a telephone …

2022-06-12: Nice to see that MuppetVision 3D got some fixes recently. A bunch of effects I haven’t seen working …

2022-06-11: All silliness and snark aside: this is just beautiful

2022-06-07: I see it is once again time for the “Disney adult” discussion, so in the interest of …

2022-06-06: WDW MagicMobile made it into the Apple Wallet segment of the WWDC keynote today.

2022-06-04: I love this idea ☎️…

2022-06-01: June

2022-05-29: Sous vide steak 👍 cooked to medium rare perfection 👎 looks terrible, needs some time on the grill 😂

2022-05-28: I don’t think we’ll ever get that Disney Parks box set, but this is a pretty amazing …

2022-05-23: Hey, the gang’s all here

2022-05-21: Good day to stay inside and track the solar energy getting generated 🥵 ☀️

2022-05-19: Anyone have an extra Animal Muppet Lego minifig?

2022-05-18: “But we do have television—when it works. Gives you something to do after you come home. I kind of …

2022-05-14: Dreamers stick together

2022-05-12: Good afternoon from Kansas City and Mr. Morrow

2022-05-08: Muppet minifig update: Need: Bunsen, Fozzie, Animal Available to trade: Waldorf, Janice, Beaker DM …

2022-05-07: This tiny IKEA shopping bag implies the existence of a tiny IKEA store.

2022-05-06: This is a great mix…

2022-05-05: WDW, for me, is now almost exclusively about who I get to visit & spend time with. The 1982 …

2022-05-01: Pretty good garage sale find 🌐

2022-05-01: Muppet Studio (somehow got no dupes yet!)

2022-05-01: May

2022-04-30: This is the door to the metaverse.

2022-04-28: Not Walt’s favorite, but X Atencio’s.

2022-04-28: Thanks for making this multiple choice for those of us who have lost track 😂

2022-04-26: Pants status: 🆙

2022-04-26: 🐸 🐷 🌐

2022-04-26: Time machine

2022-04-26: Since 1967


2022-04-25: Weird how this trash can doesn’t have an actual trash receptacle

2022-04-25: I came here for two things: to look at animals and watch kites crash. And it’s too damn hot to watch …


2022-04-24: A new treasure. Thank you, Norm #retromagic

2022-04-24: Here we go! #retromagic

2022-04-23: I wonder if Reedy Creek goes away if we could get “the” back.


2022-04-21: Please sell a figurine of this float with working LEDs. Thank you.

2022-04-17: Distinctly patriotic…

2022-04-16: How great is this album cover?

2022-04-15: Happy Passover

2022-04-15: Some fun Rolly art on that auction site, too

2021-07-01: July

2021-06-01: June

2021-04-11: Basement cleanup find




2020-11-30: Postcard of the week

2020-11-09: Postcard of the week

2020-10-26: Postcard of the week

2020-10-19: Postcard of the week

2020-10-11: Postcard of the week


2020-10-01: October

2020-09-13: Postcard of the week


2020-09-07: October 1982 📞

2020-09-06: Postcard of the week

2020-09-06: 💎

2020-08-02: Typhoon Lagoon map - 1991

2020-07-18: 🚪 Closet clean out sale! All of these are either lightly worn or new. $13 each shipped to anywhere …

2020-07-18: Disneyland Resort - 2XL

2020-07-18: Vero Beach - 2XL

2020-07-18: Emperor’s New Groove Backstage - XXL

2020-07-18: Lion King on Broadway - XL

2020-07-18: Disneyland Paris - XXL (probably L in US size)

2020-07-18: Epcot30 - XL

2020-07-18: Aliens - XL

2020-07-18: Animal Kingdom - 2XL

2020-07-18: DVC Member - XL

2020-07-18: Backstage Collection Toy Story - 2XL

2020-07-18: Mickey Mouse - 2XL

2020-07-18: WDW Polo - XL

2020-07-18: Big Bang Theory - XL

2020-07-18: Horizons - XL

2020-07-18: Muppets - 2XL

2020-07-18: Haunted Mansion - 2XL

2020-07-18: Disneyland Villains - 2XL

2020-07-18: Epcot Flower and Garden - 2XL

2020-07-18: WDW - 2XL

2020-07-18: World of Color - 2XL

2020-07-12: What time is it?

2020-07-11: Discovery Island Guide

2020-07-05: Now is the time, now is the best time

2020-07-05: Disney+ not included

2020-07-05: Bags

2020-07-05: There is a lot to like in this 1978 Disneyland pamphlet, but the font choice definitely stands out. …

2020-07-05: Disney World dot com circa 1987…

2020-07-05: Entirely possible I get my habit of collecting stuff from my dad, based on the fact he just dropped …

2020-03-09: Excited to see that NetNewsWire is now available on iOS. Works just like the Mac version and is …

2020-02-25: Spaceship Earth will be updated for a modern audience. The ride system will be repaired and new …

2019-08-26: Epcot and Things I wasn’t always a theme park fan. My first experience when I was 3 or 4 years old was at …



2019-07-13: Interesting thoughts on nostalgia…

2019-07-11: Oops, Twitter is down.

2019-07-06: No where to go but up 🎈

2019-07-05: Choose your fighter

2019-07-05: They still sell film cameras in Epcot. But I am curious what makes their memory cards “ready to …

2019-07-04: The replacement for the Fountain of Nations is coming along

2019-07-04: Gonna miss this

2019-07-01: Living with the front row

2019-06-29: Looks like fun

2019-06-28: Good mail day

2019-06-27: I was reminded of this gem this morning. Such truth……

2019-06-24: One week…





2019-06-16: Got a cool gift

2019-06-14: Live from May 1992, it’s Muppets on Location: Days of Swine and Roses…

2019-06-10: Rode one of those electric scooters* to have breakfast for dinner 🤤 *how are these legal??? 😂

2019-06-08: Figures I am out of batteries

2019-06-07: I am lucky to have some incredibly awesome coworkers across the pond 😍

2019-06-03: Had dark mode and an expansion slot!

2019-06-01: June

2019-05-28: 🎇🌐✨

2019-05-26: 🚂✨

2019-05-26: My wife’s new car apparently has a hotspot and I had to come up with a good name.

2019-05-25: 🚝🏰

2019-05-24: I don’t play many video games but I have to admit this looks incredibly cool

2019-05-24: Don’t think I’ve seen the Disneyland app prompt about this before

2019-05-23: TIL high resolution versions of the cool maps from the Play Disney Parks app are available for …


2019-05-20: Seems appropriate to repost

2019-05-19: 🔥🔥

2019-05-18: Did some reorganizing today

2019-05-18: Ole! Ole! It’s showtime!

2019-05-18: I love it when Kermit and Jim would interact.…

2019-05-17: This was extremely satisfying, so thought I’d share. While heading back to the office, a blue Tesla …

2019-05-16: The Disney Cruise Line app has been updated. In line with their high operational standards, they …

2019-05-16: TIL I learned the origins of the song “Mah Nà Mah Nà” 😂…

2019-05-14: Lights on

2019-05-14: I wonder what the “etc” button does

2019-05-12: I like these little diorama kits they sell. Still have one more after this to put together…

2019-05-09: Bagel joke!

2019-05-09: “Our drinks will blow you away”

2019-05-09: Have you ever sausage a thing?

2019-05-09: Punny details

2019-05-09: This blew my mind when it first aired…

2019-05-09: This was a really great interview to listen to…

2019-05-05: Mickey or Spaceship Earth? You decide!

2019-05-04: I admire how Target came up with a new way to market band-aids

2019-05-03: Playing around with the DJI Osmo

2019-05-01: Happy 30th anniversary to the Hollywood that never was and always will be.

2019-04-27: Good mail day

2019-04-26: Came across an old treasure

2019-04-25: Disney Dream leaving Port Canaveral last week with a Coast Guard escort

2019-04-25: Pin update

2019-04-25: One of my favorite apps, Reeder, has a new major version out. If you miss Google Reader, take a …

2019-04-24: LEGO truly rules the world of IP.

2019-04-24: This is fantastic

2019-04-24: How to improve your visit to Castaway Cay in three easy steps

2019-04-22: Yesterday we got to see a tremendously beautiful sunset, in a largely cloudless sky. Afterwards we …

2019-04-21: Thanks guys

2019-04-21: Good morning from Castaway Cay

2019-04-20: Midship detective agency is a fun scavenger hunt game that is the best because Muppets are involved.

2019-04-20: Now you know

2019-04-20: Nice view of Nassau before some other ship rudely docked and blocked our view

2019-04-19: Disney Cruise Line art appreciation post

2019-04-19: We follow our Dream with mind and heart…

2019-04-18: Wow. End of an era BlackBerry Messenger (yes, that BBM) is shutting down on May 31st - The Verge

2019-04-18: Kidani Village knowledge

2019-04-18:… The Game Boy turns 30

2019-04-15: I figured out how Episode 9 ends. Kylo is defeated and there is peace in the galaxy. Rey is speaking …

2019-04-14: Happy anniversary Tokyo Disneyland!

2019-04-14: 1 week!

2019-04-13: Reflections of Reflections of Earth

2019-04-13: 🚂

2019-04-13: *whistles*