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Nov 30, 2023: The Haunted Mansion movie would have been a great explanation for why the Hatbox Ghost disappeared originally. Bringing him back to Disneyland and now …

Nov 23, 2023: Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 9, 2023: Been planning a home network upgrade for a while. Did the physical install last weekend and was going to use my day off tomorrow to switch over. I …

Nov 9, 2023: Starbucks had these baked apple croissants that were amazing but they disappeared from the menu after like a week and a half. Hope they bring them …

Nov 5, 2023: Happy “how do I set the clock on the microwave again?” day to all who celebrate.

Sep 23, 2023: Love the new Snoopy watchface - so fun

Sep 16, 2023: I do love flat screen TVs but why can’t we have cool product names like OBSERVASCOPE anymore?

Sep 16, 2023: Don’t think I’ve ever taken a FaceTime call while shaving. (from Dave Bossert’s excellent new book, “The House of the Future”)

Sep 16, 2023: Best wishes to Charlie Manuel for a full and speedy recovery.

Sep 15, 2023: tl;dr no official epcot box set yet.…

Sep 14, 2023: I also have not made a decision about selling ABC.

Sep 13, 2023: I thought Florida had “moved on” from this? 🙄…

Sep 11, 2023: Good mail day

Sep 10, 2023: Fun time at Retrocon Philadelphia today!

Sep 9, 2023: An AI generated *snarky* summary of this morning's #DestinationD23 parks panel Wow, Disney dusted off the old hype machine to tease a bunch of “new” things coming to their parks that aren’t really that new or …

Sep 9, 2023: AI generated summary of transcript of this morning's #DestinationD23 parks panel Here is a summary of the key points from the Destination D23 Parks Panel transcript: The event kicked off with musical performances celebrating …

Sep 9, 2023: Please just say you are doing something new and stop with this Walt and Marty and John hand waving about Epcot. It’s fine to make something new, stop …

Sep 9, 2023: Not one “activation” mentioned. #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: Can’t wait for the announcement about adding air conditioning and a second power outlet at Sequoia Lodge #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: Our 4 year landscaping project will take just 3 more months! #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: How about we get Muppets campus instead #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: Using Uncle Deadly and Gonzo to help explain why the Hatbox Ghost is going in the wrong spot is a nice try. #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: psst…it would be great to add more Muppets to the park #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: This is a nice recognition for Dave Goelz #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: Oooh more #things! #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: The last time you were in this room you promised us parking lot trams #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: So far the CEO interview is going well I guess #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: Bob Iger couldn’t be here in person since he is at his unretirement party. #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: I give a lot of presentations at work and really should ask to have an opening musical number going forward. #DestinationD23

Sep 9, 2023: The person to guess the correct number of uses of the word “activation” during the #DestinationD parks panel wins a prize.

Sep 8, 2023: PSA: update your Apple devices as there is an important security update out.

Aug 30, 2023: Once every year or two, I get addicted to Tetris again for about a week. I feel one coming on 😂

Aug 28, 2023: LOL

Aug 27, 2023: It’s great Disney has remixed so much music in Dolby Atmos, but they really need to get this one done, too…🌐

Aug 26, 2023: Ok if you are so cool, what did you do this Saturday afternoon that is better than making a little status light to remind you to take out the trash …

Aug 21, 2023: A truly exciting day for app updates if you are in to such things

Aug 20, 2023: One of the ESPN announcers just asked if Bryce Harper was using a Spongebob bat. 🤦🏻‍♂️ It was a Phillie Phanatic bat.

Aug 19, 2023: Don’t know why I hadn’t looked for a Gameboy emulator for the Playdate yet, but found one and it works great!

Aug 18, 2023: —Joe Disney

Aug 14, 2023: Looks like MLB is testing facial recognition based admission to the ballpark. This was added to the app today.

Aug 13, 2023: “Tuesday Night Music Club” now has a few songs in Atmos. Sounds great!…

Aug 9, 2023: PHILLIES NO HITTER!!!!!!!

Aug 7, 2023: Recieved my “fix” kit from Mophie for my 3-in-1 travel charger. Mine only had intermittent issues and I’m somewhat impressed (or puzzled) that it is a …

Aug 5, 2023: I took this picture of the Voyager probe and then there was a power failure on the 2nd floor of the museum. The lesson here is to never piss off …

Aug 5, 2023: Enjoyed a short visit to the National Air and Space Museum today. The museum is undergoing a big refurb; the new section is really nicely done.

Aug 5, 2023: Our visit to the National Air and Space Museum was cut short due to a power failure

Aug 5, 2023: Don’t call me Shirley.

Aug 4, 2023: “Subspace Rhapsody” on Strange New Worlds was a lot of fun. The soundtrack is now available to stream (A+ album art, too!) …

Aug 2, 2023: Disneyland Paris themed signage appreciation post.

Jul 30, 2023: Fun tribute to ~100 years of Disney animation.…

Jul 30, 2023: The Tree of Creativity at the Lego House is made of more than 6 million bricks and is nearly as tall as the building itself. On the upper levels there …

Jul 29, 2023: Burbank vs Paris

Jul 28, 2023: Saddened to hear that Jim Korkis has passed away. My best wishes to his family.

Jul 28, 2023: This update includes new bugs and degrades performance.

Jul 28, 2023: Leaked images of other test locations for the Hatbox Ghost.

Jul 27, 2023: I’m fascinated by elephants, I really do love them. I wouldn’t consider their smell, however, one of their most positive attributes. 🤦🏻‍♂️ …

Jul 25, 2023: Nice night for ⚾️

Jul 23, 2023: Introducing X

Jul 23, 2023: Good mail day

Jul 23, 2023: This is not a museum

Jul 23, 2023: The “Strange New Worlds”/“Lower Decks” crossover was so much fun. Smiling the entire time. 🖖

Jul 22, 2023: Finally got around to watching and enjoyed the “Blackberry” movie. Obviously a lot was dramatized and exaggerated but a fun walk down pseudo-memory …

Jul 21, 2023:…

Jul 20, 2023: Just noticed that “Princess and the Frog” and “Tarzan” are now available in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music. They sound amazing!

Jul 18, 2023: Normalize little models of attractions with blinking lights and sound, please. 😂👻…

Jul 17, 2023: Maybe they should take a break from anniversary celebrations for a while. They all seem to be the same offerings. No new attractions, not even an …

Jul 17, 2023: Really looking forward to this one!…

Jul 16, 2023: …but it isn’t free? 🤔…

Jul 15, 2023: The designers of the Lego House on the use of wristbands and technology. While their wristbands aren’t designed to be reusable, the tap points were …

Jul 15, 2023: Disneyland Paris walkthrough attraction appreciation post: Adventure Isle Edition

Jul 13, 2023: Disney historically is bad at succession mgmt, but I really do wonder if the company survives Iger in its current form or if it is sold/split up by …

Jul 13, 2023: So…what is the point of CLEAR then? The last 2 times I’ve used it I was “randomly” selected for an ID check anyway & was …

Jul 10, 2023: Flight Control was one of my favorite little games. Wish they’d bring it back!

Jul 10, 2023: My first App Store purchases, somehow 15 years ago

Jul 9, 2023: We got a tiny TGV as a souvenir. This is the train that goes from the airport to Disneyland Paris in about 10 minutes. Well, not this one. The real …

Jul 9, 2023: Ravenswood Manor before things went south. By Julie Svendsen from “The Art of Disneyland Paris”

Jul 9, 2023: I wonder what they are arguing about…

Jul 8, 2023: Disneyland Paris Main Street Signage Appreciation Post

Jul 8, 2023: Souvenirs: pin and coin section

Jul 5, 2023: Dreamers… we are looking for dreamers. Anyone who will feed the right wolf.

Jul 4, 2023: Not sure what the deal is between Iron Man and the PanoraMagique balloon, but this isn’t gonna end well. 😂

Jun 23, 2023: TFW the Outlook out of office turns on for two weeks 🎉

May 29, 2023: Enjoyed another visit to the Disney100 exhibit at the Franklin Institute this morning.

Apr 9, 2023: Funny that Apple Maps shows the “Philadelphia Phantoms” here. That’s where the Spectrum used to be but was closed in 2009 and demolished soon after. …

Apr 4, 2023: Interesting….…

Mar 31, 2023: Someday When we are wiser When the world’s older When we have learned I pray Someday they will end the 50th For something more impressive

Mar 31, 2023: Tiny Imagination pavilion inside the greenhouse in the Land

Mar 31, 2023: I hope this year the magic just texts me instead of calling.

Mar 31, 2023: An odd celebration for a strange time. Like the man said, keep moving forward. 🏰🌐🎬🌳

Mar 27, 2023: Tip: Quickly launch the My Disney Experience app by just tapping your iPhone Love it or hate it, the My Disney Experience app gets used A LOT when you are at WDW. So here is a little tip to make it easy and fast to launch by …

Mar 25, 2023: Fun day in Clearwater

Mar 24, 2023: If you don’t like pyrotechnics, the Magic Kingdom offers a nightly rooftop dancing fountain show as well. 🔥

Mar 21, 2023: If you can dream it, ChatGPT can do it. Joe Disney: A Life of Creative Vision and Entrepreneurial Spirit Joe Disney (born Joseph Alexander Disney, February 12, 1992) is an American …

Mar 13, 2023: Thanks for the magic, Rolly. Godspeed.…

Mar 10, 2023: I accidentally said “hey Shirley” instead of “hey Siri” to my phone this morning and now it is stuck in airplane mode.

Jan 20, 2023:

Jan 7, 2023: The AirPods Pro 2 noise canceling is amazing. Not amazing just for earbuds, amazing even against over ear headphones.

Jan 6, 2023: So this is pretty neato. One of my partners at work also has Disney as a client, and has worked with the Walt Disney archives to create a VR version …

Jan 1, 2023: Looks like Capital One has brought back a Freebird style service if you book through their online travel portal!

Jan 1, 2023: I’m being told that due to a problem at Southwest Airlines, 2023 will be delayed to no sooner than late next week.

Dec 29, 2022: Here is a picture of Kermit sitting in my IKEA chair. Have a nice evening.

Dec 29, 2022: My travel gear problem is bad enough that it knows about my tech problem 😂

Dec 29, 2022: I’ve seen this feature work exactly once, and oddly enough, it doesn’t even seem to work with orders from Apple themselves. Seems like it would be …

Dec 28, 2022: Remember when Hershey opened a carousel themed food & drink establishment a couple of years ago?

Dec 27, 2022: 1) The new Disney 100 intro is really cool 2) Strange World is also really good

Dec 27, 2022: Among the Information’s 2023 predictions…Kevin Mayer will return to Disney. (warning, paywall)…

Dec 25, 2022: 🐻 🎄


Dec 23, 2022: Looks like Castaway or Aulani are our best bets.

Dec 22, 2022: If you use LastPass, unfortunately this is almost as bad as it can get. You should change your passwords stored inside of your vault ASAP. A password …

Dec 22, 2022: Well, guess I can cross doing that upgrade off my winter break to-do list…

Dec 16, 2022: Some thoughts on new social media platforms It wasn’t all that long ago that you could only send and receive text messages from people on the same mobile carrier as you. Even worse, if you …

Dec 16, 2022: Thinking about building one of these this weekend for no particular reason ✈️…

Dec 13, 2022: Tried the new Apple Music Sing karaoke feature and midway through “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”, Siri pops in and says “don’t quit your day job” …

Dec 5, 2022: This model of the Mine Train Through Nature’s Wonderland is amazing…

Dec 5, 2022: “How did he do such fantastic stunts with such little feet?”

Dec 2, 2022: Inbox 0️⃣ Out of office 🔛 Vacation 🔜

Dec 1, 2022: Welcome back, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit…

Nov 29, 2022: Really excited for this…

Nov 29, 2022: Apple Music Replay needs a way to exclude tracks you play at night to help you sleep 🤦🏻‍♂️

Nov 28, 2022: Wow, I didn’t think Apple was gonna open a store in American Dream…

Nov 27, 2022: Spent this rainy Sunday afternoon moving The Archives™️ out of Evernote and into DEVONthink. So far, so good. (still need to do some reorganizing LOL)

Nov 27, 2022: Probably not news, but just learned that Shinseido in Ikspiari at TDR has closed. Really bummed; it was a great record store with an incredible …

Nov 26, 2022: Check out Studio Neat for #SmallBusinessSaturday. They make some cool pens and tech accessories. $10 off coupon link

Nov 24, 2022: Really enjoyed Mickey: The Story of a Mouse. Lot of good interviews and covers the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of history. …

Nov 24, 2022: Distinctly patriotic 🇺🇸

Nov 24, 2022: This kinda stuff is cool 🔊

Nov 24, 2022: Celebrity sports center! 🎳

Nov 24, 2022: Reading material

Nov 24, 2022: This explains a lot about our government.

Nov 24, 2022: Cool Southern airlines poster

Nov 24, 2022: Jim Henderson’s origin story What’s the name on that slip? - What’s your name? Henderson. That’s it. That’s the name on the …

Nov 23, 2022: PSA: Hulu is running their annual deal to pay $1.99/month for a year. Change email address and use a different credit card if you need to …

Nov 23, 2022: Q: Why does Snow White use an Android phone? A: Because she is afraid of apples This joke alone is reason enough to tank any further rumors of Apple …

Nov 21, 2022: Good mail day

Nov 17, 2022: Mastodon, but for selling concert tickets.

Nov 15, 2022: This episode of Dark Side of the 90s focused on “Internet 1.0” is a walk down memory lane with a segment focused on Netscape. …

Nov 15, 2022: It kinda feels like the company spends more effort working on new pricing and revenue management than they do on new attractions.

Nov 11, 2022: Dick Nunis for AT&T

Nov 11, 2022: I got a survey regarding my Walt Disney World annual pass. This felt like giving someone their last chance performance review before being fired.

Nov 9, 2022: I really don’t like the idea of Apple buying Disney, except for the fact that the park apps would be amazing.

Nov 7, 2022: It is needlessly complicated in some places, but please remember to vote anyway tomorrow. Thanks.

Nov 6, 2022: PSA: It’s Jersey week. Plan accordingly, Floridians. 😂

Nov 6, 2022: I’m not saying it will happen, but it also would not surprise me if we see some downtime and instability on Twitter in the near future. It is a …

Nov 6, 2022: UPDATE: I also didn’t win the powerball. Lousy night around here.

Nov 5, 2022: 1) The iPhone 14 Pro managed to get somewhat of a decent pic of the 1st scene in Spaceship Earth 2) Is that Elon fighting the Mastodon?

Nov 4, 2022:

Nov 4, 2022: Very saddened to hear of Alice Davis’ passing. What a tremendous life. May her memory be a blessing.

Nov 4, 2022: UPDATE: Mountains aren’t just funny, they’re hill areas.

Nov 2, 2022: Got my preview tickets! Really can’t wait for this.

Oct 30, 2022: Tonight’s feature presentation

Oct 29, 2022: Finished putting up my decorations 🎃

Oct 28, 2022: ✅ Phillies play in the World Series tonight ✅ New Beatles album out today ✅ I have donuts

Oct 27, 2022: Really cool. They need to add “you’re riding on sunshine” to the automated announcements 😂…

Oct 24, 2022: 📰 ⚾️

Oct 23, 2022: In beautiful spacial audio ⚾️

Oct 23, 2022: There has been an incident

Oct 23, 2022: 🎶 I keep dancing on my own 🎶 ⚾️

Oct 21, 2022: I don’t want to alarm anyone, but here is what night mode on the iPhone Pro 14 picks up during the power outage scene in the Carousel of Progress 😬🫣😂

Oct 21, 2022: Always stop to say thanks to Roy and Minnie

Oct 21, 2022: The metaverse

Oct 21, 2022: Has the PeopleMover cone been put out of work?

Oct 20, 2022: I know I’m not exactly breaking any news here, but it is impossible to overstate how much Genie+ and Lightning Lane suck the joy and happiness out of …

Oct 20, 2022: All we are saying Is give peace a chance

Oct 19, 2022: Happy to see that the Swan & Dolphin model still exists and is on display again (although a bit out of the way…)

Oct 16, 2022: This is great

Oct 16, 2022: Happy #Epcot40and16days

Oct 11, 2022: I’ve been looking forward to reading these!

Oct 10, 2022: maniacal laugh

Oct 10, 2022: It would be nice if this feature would come out say, tomorrow, and work with the MLB app.…

Oct 8, 2022: This is so absurd it’s actually remarkable. The genius required to spin such a twisted web of how to watch baseball is truly awe inspiring. 🙄

Oct 8, 2022: We saw a cool vendor at a fall festival today that makes stuff from park maps!

Oct 5, 2022:

Sep 23, 2022: One of the best new hidden features in iOS16 will start to eliminate CAPTCHAs. Unless you like picking out bikes, tractors, traffic lights, or …

Sep 21, 2022: I found a site that summarizes long videos for you using AI. I gave it a link to a video of Kitchen Kabaret, as one does.

Sep 13, 2022: One of my favorite new iOS features: Settings ➡️ Sounds & Haptics ➡️ Keyboard Feedback ➡️ Haptic

Sep 11, 2022:

Sep 11, 2022:

Sep 10, 2022: They finally added parks stuff to the Disney Topps app thingy!

Sep 4, 2022: Happy anniversary, Tokyo DisneySea!

Sep 3, 2022: You can never have too many dioramas.

Aug 30, 2022: So saddened to hear of Ron Logan’s passing. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to talk to him at RetroMagic and tell him how much …

Aug 21, 2022: Cool antique store find: Bell System building at 1939 New York World’s Fair postcard

Aug 19, 2022: Really like the new Chocolatetown area and how they’ve leaned into Hersheypark history!

Aug 19, 2022: Like a grand and miraculous chocolate factory.

Aug 10, 2022: 🎶Feel the cashflow Here we go Through the Universe of Synergy Feel it grow Call D’Amaro It’s the Universe of Synergy

Aug 1, 2022: Really enjoyed this documentary about Horn & Hardart. Lot of great interviews about the Automat.…

Aug 1, 2022: August

Jul 31, 2022: Surely you aren’t implying that I should throw away this cable that connects an iPod that isn’t made anymore to a standard definition TV that isn’t …

Jul 18, 2022: I have an Apple calendar in my office and Friday’s entry gave me a chuckle. File under “things that won’t exist in 20 years”

Jul 17, 2022: This is what Siri picked at random from the Disneyland playlist for its 67th anniversary 🤷‍♂️ 😂#DreamOurDreamsForever

Jul 17, 2022: Happy anniversary, Disneyland! Hope to see you again soon.

Jul 15, 2022: I had planned out this trip for fun a while back and came to a similar cost as this blog post did…

Jul 12, 2022: Knock it off

Jul 7, 2022: Unique (I believe) to this Legoland is the Lego Factory Adventure Ride. It’s a trackless dark ride with a mix of physical sets and projections, and a …

Jul 7, 2022:

Jul 7, 2022: 1964 New York World’s Fair tribute in miniland

Jul 7, 2022: Hello from the latest Legoland!

Jul 6, 2022: Disney Activation Adventure Park

Jul 5, 2022: I wonder if the Scientific Doohicky Company has a tour 🤔

Jul 2, 2022: Good mail day

Jul 1, 2022: JULY

Jun 25, 2022: What would you like to listen to?

Jun 18, 2022: Just learned about this extension for iOS that automatically takes care of those annoying consent pop ups for you. Works really well. …

Jun 17, 2022: This week’s Strange New Worlds was fun but very predictable…until that very last shot 🤯

Jun 15, 2022: To properly experience Harmonious Live+! at home, you should place 2 camera tripods, a telephone pole, a step ladder, and your dining room table (on …

Jun 12, 2022: Nice to see that MuppetVision 3D got some fixes recently. A bunch of effects I haven’t seen working in a long time were in the show today! …

Jun 11, 2022: All silliness and snark aside: this is just beautiful

Jun 7, 2022: I see it is once again time for the “Disney adult” discussion, so in the interest of efficiency, I’ve made a handy chart.

Jun 6, 2022: WDW MagicMobile made it into the Apple Wallet segment of the WWDC keynote today.

Jun 4, 2022: I love this idea ☎️…

Jun 1, 2022: June

May 29, 2022: Sous vide steak 👍 cooked to medium rare perfection 👎 looks terrible, needs some time on the grill 😂

May 28, 2022: I don’t think we’ll ever get that Disney Parks box set, but this is a pretty amazing collection of park music: …

May 23, 2022: Hey, the gang’s all here

May 21, 2022: Good day to stay inside and track the solar energy getting generated 🥵 ☀️

May 19, 2022: Anyone have an extra Animal Muppet Lego minifig?

May 18, 2022: “But we do have television—when it works. Gives you something to do after you come home. I kind of like it, y’know? Guy named John Cameron Swayze …

May 14, 2022: Dreamers stick together

May 12, 2022: Good afternoon from Kansas City and Mr. Morrow

May 8, 2022: Muppet minifig update: Need: Bunsen, Fozzie, Animal Available to trade: Waldorf, Janice, Beaker DM if interested

May 7, 2022: This tiny IKEA shopping bag implies the existence of a tiny IKEA store.

May 6, 2022: This is a great mix…

May 5, 2022: WDW, for me, is now almost exclusively about who I get to visit & spend time with. The 1982 World’s Fair is long over, & whatever is created …

May 1, 2022: Pretty good garage sale find 🌐

May 1, 2022: Muppet Studio (somehow got no dupes yet!)

May 1, 2022: May

Apr 30, 2022: This is the door to the metaverse.

Apr 28, 2022: Not Walt’s favorite, but X Atencio’s.

Apr 28, 2022: Thanks for making this multiple choice for those of us who have lost track 😂

Apr 26, 2022: Pants status: 🆙

Apr 26, 2022: 🐸 🐷 🌐

Apr 26, 2022: Time machine

Apr 26, 2022: Since 1967

Apr 25, 2022:

Apr 25, 2022: Weird how this trash can doesn’t have an actual trash receptacle

Apr 25, 2022: I came here for two things: to look at animals and watch kites crash. And it’s too damn hot to watch animals.

Apr 24, 2022:

Apr 24, 2022: A new treasure. Thank you, Norm #retromagic

Apr 24, 2022: Here we go! #retromagic

Apr 23, 2022: I wonder if Reedy Creek goes away if we could get “the” back.

Apr 23, 2022:

Apr 21, 2022: Please sell a figurine of this float with working LEDs. Thank you.

Apr 17, 2022: Distinctly patriotic…

Apr 16, 2022: How great is this album cover?

Apr 15, 2022: Happy Passover

Apr 15, 2022: Some fun Rolly art on that auction site, too

Jul 1, 2021: July

Jun 1, 2021: June

Apr 11, 2021: Basement cleanup find

Apr 10, 2021:

Jan 1, 2021:

Jan 1, 2021:

Nov 30, 2020: Postcard of the week

Nov 9, 2020: Postcard of the week

Oct 26, 2020: Postcard of the week

Oct 19, 2020: Postcard of the week

Oct 11, 2020: Postcard of the week

Oct 1, 2020:

Oct 1, 2020: October

Sep 13, 2020: Postcard of the week

Sep 10, 2020:

Sep 7, 2020: October 1982 📞

Sep 6, 2020: Postcard of the week

Sep 6, 2020: 💎

Aug 2, 2020: Typhoon Lagoon map - 1991

Jul 18, 2020: 🚪 Closet clean out sale! All of these are either lightly worn or new. $13 each shipped to anywhere in the US. DM or email me matt @ if …

Jul 18, 2020: Disneyland Resort - 2XL

Jul 18, 2020: Vero Beach - 2XL

Jul 18, 2020: Emperor’s New Groove Backstage - XXL

Jul 18, 2020: Lion King on Broadway - XL

Jul 18, 2020: Disneyland Paris - XXL (probably L in US size)

Jul 18, 2020: Epcot30 - XL

Jul 18, 2020: Aliens - XL

Jul 18, 2020: Animal Kingdom - 2XL

Jul 18, 2020: DVC Member - XL

Jul 18, 2020: Backstage Collection Toy Story - 2XL

Jul 18, 2020: Mickey Mouse - 2XL

Jul 18, 2020: WDW Polo - XL

Jul 18, 2020: Big Bang Theory - XL

Jul 18, 2020: Horizons - XL

Jul 18, 2020: Muppets - 2XL

Jul 18, 2020: Haunted Mansion - 2XL

Jul 18, 2020: Disneyland Villains - 2XL

Jul 18, 2020: Epcot Flower and Garden - 2XL

Jul 18, 2020: WDW - 2XL

Jul 18, 2020: World of Color - 2XL

Jul 12, 2020: What time is it?

Jul 11, 2020: Discovery Island Guide

Jul 5, 2020: Now is the time, now is the best time

Jul 5, 2020: Disney+ not included

Jul 5, 2020: Bags

Jul 5, 2020: There is a lot to like in this 1978 Disneyland pamphlet, but the font choice definitely stands out. Not to mention the movie promo in the back. Also: …

Jul 5, 2020: Disney World dot com circa 1987…

Jul 5, 2020: Entirely possible I get my habit of collecting stuff from my dad, based on the fact he just dropped off this Magic Kingdom Club backpack filled with …

Mar 9, 2020: Excited to see that NetNewsWire is now available on iOS. Works just like the Mac version and is super fast. Great way to follow your favorite …

Feb 25, 2020: Spaceship Earth will be updated for a modern audience. The ride system will be repaired and new audio animatronic figures will be added. The …

Aug 26, 2019: Epcot and Things I wasn’t always a theme park fan. My first experience when I was 3 or 4 years old was at Frontiertown in New York. I loved trains as a kid (some …

Jul 20, 2019:

Jul 13, 2019:

Jul 13, 2019: Interesting thoughts on nostalgia…

Jul 11, 2019: Oops, Twitter is down.

Jul 6, 2019: No where to go but up 🎈

Jul 5, 2019: Choose your fighter

Jul 5, 2019: They still sell film cameras in Epcot. But I am curious what makes their memory cards “ready to use”? Should I have been preheating mine? 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

Jul 4, 2019: The replacement for the Fountain of Nations is coming along

Jul 4, 2019: Gonna miss this

Jul 1, 2019: Living with the front row

Jun 29, 2019: Looks like fun

Jun 28, 2019: Good mail day

Jun 27, 2019: I was reminded of this gem this morning. Such truth……

Jun 24, 2019: One week…

Jun 20, 2019:

Jun 20, 2019:

Jun 20, 2019:

Jun 20, 2019:

Jun 16, 2019: Got a cool gift

Jun 14, 2019: Live from May 1992, it’s Muppets on Location: Days of Swine and Roses…

Jun 10, 2019: Rode one of those electric scooters* to have breakfast for dinner 🤤 *how are these legal??? 😂

Jun 8, 2019: Figures I am out of batteries

Jun 7, 2019: I am lucky to have some incredibly awesome coworkers across the pond 😍

Jun 3, 2019: Had dark mode and an expansion slot!

Jun 1, 2019: June

May 28, 2019: 🎇🌐✨

May 26, 2019: 🚂✨

May 26, 2019: My wife’s new car apparently has a hotspot and I had to come up with a good name.

May 25, 2019: 🚝🏰

May 24, 2019: I don’t play many video games but I have to admit this looks incredibly cool

May 24, 2019: Don’t think I’ve seen the Disneyland app prompt about this before

May 23, 2019: TIL high resolution versions of the cool maps from the Play Disney Parks app are available for download…

May 22, 2019:

May 20, 2019: Seems appropriate to repost

May 19, 2019: 🔥🔥

May 18, 2019: Did some reorganizing today

May 18, 2019: Ole! Ole! It’s showtime!

May 18, 2019: I love it when Kermit and Jim would interact.…

May 17, 2019: This was extremely satisfying, so thought I’d share. While heading back to the office, a blue Tesla S pulls up at the stoplight next to me. We both …

May 16, 2019: The Disney Cruise Line app has been updated. In line with their high operational standards, they have provided ample release notes and thus there will …

May 16, 2019: TIL I learned the origins of the song “Mah Nà Mah Nà” 😂…

May 14, 2019: Lights on

May 14, 2019: I wonder what the “etc” button does

May 12, 2019: I like these little diorama kits they sell. Still have one more after this to put together…

May 9, 2019: Bagel joke!

May 9, 2019: “Our drinks will blow you away”

May 9, 2019: Have you ever sausage a thing?

May 9, 2019: Punny details

May 9, 2019: This blew my mind when it first aired…

May 9, 2019: This was a really great interview to listen to…

May 5, 2019: Mickey or Spaceship Earth? You decide!

May 4, 2019: I admire how Target came up with a new way to market band-aids

May 3, 2019: Playing around with the DJI Osmo

May 1, 2019: Happy 30th anniversary to the Hollywood that never was and always will be.

Apr 27, 2019: Good mail day

Apr 26, 2019: Came across an old treasure

Apr 25, 2019: Disney Dream leaving Port Canaveral last week with a Coast Guard escort

Apr 25, 2019: Pin update

Apr 25, 2019: One of my favorite apps, Reeder, has a new major version out. If you miss Google Reader, take a look:…

Apr 24, 2019: LEGO truly rules the world of IP.

Apr 24, 2019: This is fantastic

Apr 24, 2019: How to improve your visit to Castaway Cay in three easy steps

Apr 22, 2019: Yesterday we got to see a tremendously beautiful sunset, in a largely cloudless sky. Afterwards we were treated to an amazing view of the cosmos; …

Apr 21, 2019: Thanks guys

Apr 21, 2019: Good morning from Castaway Cay

Apr 20, 2019: Midship detective agency is a fun scavenger hunt game that is the best because Muppets are involved.

Apr 20, 2019: Now you know

Apr 20, 2019: Nice view of Nassau before some other ship rudely docked and blocked our view

Apr 19, 2019: Disney Cruise Line art appreciation post

Apr 19, 2019: We follow our Dream with mind and heart…

Apr 18, 2019: Wow. End of an era BlackBerry Messenger (yes, that BBM) is shutting down on May 31st - The Verge

Apr 18, 2019: Kidani Village knowledge

Apr 18, 2019:… The Game Boy turns 30

Apr 15, 2019: I figured out how Episode 9 ends. Kylo is defeated and there is peace in the galaxy. Rey is speaking before there is a beep followed by “Chief O’Brien …

Apr 14, 2019: Happy anniversary Tokyo Disneyland!

Apr 14, 2019: 1 week!

Apr 13, 2019: Reflections of Reflections of Earth

Apr 13, 2019: 🚂

Apr 13, 2019: *whistles*