How about we get Muppets campus instead #DestinationD23

Using Uncle Deadly and Gonzo to help explain why the Hatbox Ghost is going in the wrong spot is a nice try. #DestinationD23

psst…it would be great to add more Muppets to the park #DestinationD23

This is a nice recognition for Dave Goelz #DestinationD23

Oooh more #things! #DestinationD23

The last time you were in this room you promised us parking lot trams #DestinationD23

So far the CEO interview is going well I guess #DestinationD23

Bob Iger couldn’t be here in person since he is at his unretirement party. #DestinationD23

I give a lot of presentations at work and really should ask to have an opening musical number going forward. #DestinationD23

The person to guess the correct number of uses of the word “activation” during the #DestinationD parks panel wins a prize.

PSA: update your Apple devices as there is an important security update out.

Once every year or two, I get addicted to Tetris again for about a week. I feel one coming on 😂


It’s great Disney has remixed so much music in Dolby Atmos, but they really need to get this one done, too…🌐

Screenshot of phone playing “Reflections of Earth”

Ok if you are so cool, what did you do this Saturday afternoon that is better than making a little status light to remind you to take out the trash and close the garage door?

A truly exciting day for app updates if you are in to such things

One of the ESPN announcers just asked if Bryce Harper was using a Spongebob bat. 🤦🏻‍♂️

It was a Phillie Phanatic bat.

Don’t know why I hadn’t looked for a Gameboy emulator for the Playdate yet, but found one and it works great!

A yellow handheld gaming system with a grayscale screen running the original Nintendo Gameboy version of Tetris

—Joe Disney

Looks like MLB is testing facial recognition based admission to the ballpark. This was added to the app today.