Remember when Hershey opened a carousel themed food & drink establishment a couple of years ago?

    Typhoon Lagoon map - 1991

    Entirely possible I get my habit of collecting stuff from my dad, based on the fact he just dropped off this Magic Kingdom Club backpack filled with old Disney ephemera. 😂😱

    Spaceship Earth will be updated for a modern audience. The ride system will be repaired and new audio animatronic figures will be added. The attraction will focus on human communication and creativity, and the promise and pitfalls that comes along with that. Robert Downey, Jr will narrate.

    The Guardians of the Galaxy coaster is canceled with immediate effect. The design can be reused for a Marvel specific park.

    In its place will be Futurama 2050, an optimistic look at the future and how technology can improve our lives and wellbeing. It will not be sponsored by a technology company since we are a multi billion dollar corporation who can tell a story about an optimistic vision for the future if we damn well please. This will be a trackless attraction with multiple show scenes that vary with each ride.

    Mission Space will be replaced with an attraction actually about space instead of a hyperactive spinner with a screen attached.

    The Frozen ride will be moved to Fantasyland.

    The iconic pyramids of the Imagination pavilion will remain however the attraction will be gutted. A new modern attraction about human imagination will be created featuring Dreamfinder and Figment. There will be a tie into SEA.

    This concludes phase 1, scheduled to be complete by January 2021.