“Tuesday Night Music Club” now has a few songs in Atmos. Sounds great!



Recieved my “fix” kit from Mophie for my 3-in-1 travel charger. Mine only had intermittent issues and I’m somewhat impressed (or puzzled) that it is a software issue!

Small cardboard boxSmall black USB key with a buttonPart of an Apple Watch charging puck with the USB key plugged in and a green light.

I took this picture of the Voyager probe and then there was a power failure on the 2nd floor of the museum. The lesson here is to never piss off V’Ger.

Enjoyed a short visit to the National Air and Space Museum today. The museum is undergoing a big refurb; the new section is really nicely done.

Our visit to the National Air and Space Museum was cut short due to a power failure

Don’t call me Shirley.

“Subspace Rhapsody” on Strange New Worlds was a lot of fun. The soundtrack is now available to stream (A+ album art, too!)


Disneyland Paris themed signage appreciation post.

Fun tribute to ~100 years of Disney animation.


The Tree of Creativity at the Lego House is made of more than 6 million bricks and is nearly as tall as the building itself. On the upper levels there are various sets and scenes on the branches.

Burbank vs Paris

Saddened to hear that Jim Korkis has passed away. My best wishes to his family.

This update includes new bugs and degrades performance.

Leaked images of other test locations for the Hatbox Ghost.

I’m fascinated by elephants, I really do love them. I wouldn’t consider their smell, however, one of their most positive attributes. 🤦🏻‍♂️


Nice night for ⚾️

Introducing X

Black and white photograph of Disney Imagineer X Atencio

Good mail day

This is not a museum

Building facade with sign that says “Museum of Illusions”